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Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

HTSPE delivers effective solutions in fourteen inter-related sectors



HTSPE has an international reputation for high quality work at all stages of the project cycle

Our Archive


During the last 50 years HTSPE has worked in every region of the developing world

Our Company

Our Company

HTSPE has a proud record of successful co-operation between clients, beneficiaries and experts


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HTSPE: International Programme Management

Who We Are

We are an international consultancy with over 50 years’ experience, addressing today’s most challenging issues in every region of the world. Working together with communities, NGOs, national governments, international aid donors or the private sector, we strive to achieve the goal of sustainable and equitable development.

We have established an international reputation for exceptional work at all stages of the project cycle, delivering real results to address crucial challenges, including:

  • safeguarding the environment
  • global security issues
  • durable economic growth
  • good governance
  • sustainable livelihoods
  • poverty reduction
What We Do

We are proven specialists in programme and project management, working in developing countries, transition economies and the UK public sector.

We manage multidisciplinary projects from beginning to end, from design and policy support through recruitment and procurement, delivery, monitoring and evaluation, to post-project review, benefit realisation and impact assessment.

We provide:

  • tailored systems for programme management and project administration
  • expertise for development, economic reform and change management
  • access to best practice and up-to-date knowledge
  • training and capacity building
  • technical and economic analysis, studies and reviews


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